United Arab Emirates

At the invitation of the hospital director, David Printy, Stella and Steve Price undertook a 3 week mission at Oasis Hospital, Al Ain.  The hospital has ministered to the people of the region for over 50 years, and was the birth place of the present rulers, Sheik Zayed and his family. It had developed from a ‘medical post’ serving Bedouin families into a modern, fully accredited hospital, which is presently administered by Cure International.

 The hospital is staffed by persons of many different nationalities, most of whom are Christians. A good number of the staff has served there many years, establishing trust with families who, as a result of the present ‘oil-wealth’, have moved from living in tents to opulent mansions.

 Stella’s contribution at Oasis was to evaluate patient-flow through the Out-patient Department, as well as billing and record keeping.  Stephen updated diagnostic and treatment protocols for the physicians, which was useful for the pending accreditation survey.  Both Stella and Stephen were able to link with both the medical and administrative staff of Twam Hospital, a large Emirate facility. Steve had previously worked with Ann Khairy, director of the Al Jimi Clinic, when he was in practice in the town of Winchcome, England!  Ann, and her husband Ghazi [who had studied at Swansea University, Wales…..and was the former financial director of Twam] introduced the Prices to other local clinicians. These relationships proved useful in terms of understanding the medical systems in the UAE, and in Steve’s design of an architecturally feasible blue-print for the proposed new facility at Oasis.  Worshipping with many Christians of different nationalities, as well as renewing the friendship with Beth and Dave Printy, proved an added bonus. Opportunities for visiting Emirate families, and taking part in the Arab farm-workers Church service were highlights of the visit.  The Prices also visited Mark and Pritt Yaminali, long time family friends, as Mark and Huw Price had studied at Swansea University together in the 80’s.

Oasis Hospital has the unique ability to become a ‘hub’ of a network of hospitals and clinics, which despite the politics of the region, can reach out, with the pragmatic expression of Christ’s love, to the whole of the Middle-East, Africa and Asia.

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