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Winter- Spring Report 2016 to 2017 for NAFEC UK, and Emmaus Road Ministries. (USA)

December 13 2016

Emmaus Road Ministries, and NAFEC UK, have linked with the ministry of DULA International, and its founder Seok Hee Lee, to bring care for Disabled in NE Asia. You can read more about the work in our recent Winter-Spring Report 2016-2017

Relationships we have made over the last several years have contributed greatly to the Ministry of an a NAFEC UK and Emmaus Road Ministries. Several of the people Steve Price had contacted over the recent years participated in his recent 3 week trip to North Korea.

Jorjao Pinheiro is a retired professional soccer player from Brazil and runs the Brazil Soccer Academy.  He undertook his third visit to North Korea with Steve Price during October 2016. Over several years, he has become a much sought-after international soccer coach, and is building bridges of relationships through his love of the sport. He has not only contributed to the soccer programs at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, (PUST) but   has been invited to bring two other Brazilian coaches to assist with the National Soccer Academy in Pyongyang, North Korea.

SoccerSteve facilitated a meeting with the FIFA representative and Academy directors in Pyongyang, and an intensive coaching seminar is to be held at the Academy during October 2017.

Jorjao also has a long-term goal for PUST to develop and encourage participation to build a purpose-built soccer and sports field at the University. He has the support of President Park of the DPRK, and Founder-President Dr James Kim, as well as the Foreign Affairs Director Mr. Lee.
Jorjao created much humour during his recent trip to PUST, when he refereed and played for each of two opposing freshman teams. Each team scored one goal, and a penalty was to be taken by the “White team”, just before the final whistle! Jorjao threw one of his football boots in front of the ball, and the kicker was so surprised that he kicked the ball way above the top bar. Jorjao blew his whistle with the game ending in a draw, one goal to each side!

Assisting with the care of the disabled.

In late October 2016 Leeds University professors Philomena Commons and Heather Angilly, together with Dr Angela Moore, a paediatrician from Wolverhampton, travelled from the UK to North Korea to assist with the work of Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled (KFPD) at the Munso Rehabilitation Centre.

They held a two-day seminar covering the whole range of subjects including cerebral palsy, autism and physical therapy. This was followed by a week of “hands-on” teaching for the health professionals at the centre.

Steve Price had visited Philomena’s fellowship in Leeds during the summer of 2015, and   also met Heather. He arranged for Philomena to visit North Korea in October 2015, and from this visit came an invitation for both professors to assist the work of KFPD. Heather later contacted Dr Angela Moore.
These three teachers shared their experiences of their many years of clinical practice with the North Korean doctors, but at the same time had the unique experience of caring for patients at the rehabilitation centre.

Heather and Philomena, along with Colin Dudgeon, put their table tennis skills into practice at a KFPD sponsored table tennis tournament.   

Promise kept

Colin Dudgeon, following his visit with the NAFEC UK team to North Korea in May 2015, had offered to support financially the building of several greenhouses, which would provide food for orphans and the disabled. He assisted DULA International Director, Seok Hee Lee, in this project.

Colin, Seok Hee and Steve visited the sites where the greenhouses are being constructed, one of which is in early construction, and the other is almost finished. These eco-friendly, bio-diverse units, are used not only to grow vegetables but also breed livestock. Steve was surprised to open the door of an upstairs room at the back of one greenhouse to find excited piglets inquisitively staring back at him.


Dr Alex Bunn, who visited KFED in May 2015, financed the purchase of a braille writer for the Taedong Blind School. Steve Price, with the help of his friend John Sanders, whom he has known for 40 years, visited Perkins School for the Blind in Boston USA and bought the machine. John has been blind from birth, and was excited to visit his alma mater with Steve. John’s distinguished teacher, Edward Waterhouse, who was originally from Swansea Wales, had assisted in setting up many schools for the blind throughout the world. Just prior to his death he confided to John, and his fellow classmates, that the one place he wanted to visit and help was North Korea. Sadly, this desire was never fulfilled. Vicariously we witnessed the typing of a braille message of gratitude, written on the new machine, which will be taken back to Perkins Institute for the Blind in Boston.

Seok Hee Lee (DULA) has a great passion to minister to the disabled of North Korea, and has made many visits there. At times, he has had to travel by train when finances are low, but he never travels empty-handed. He met Steve Price in Shenyang, China, and arranged for him to take 92 kg of wool on his Air Koryo flight into Pyongyang. The wool is to be used to make hats, scarves and gloves, by the Disabled to support the work of KFPD. Eventually a life-skills centre is to be built to enable the Disabled to be trained to enter the workforce.  Seok Hee then travelled by train from Shenyang to Pyongyang, where he met up with Steve and Colin.

North Korea back to China and later back to North Korea


Steve and Jorjao initially travelled to PUST for several reasons,

  1. To enhance the soccer program
  2. To take laboratory supplies for Ian Wells, who is setting up the medical laboratory at the University medical Centre.
  3. To take financial support which is to be used to provide blankets & medicines for victims of the recent tornado, which caused extensive damage and loss of life in the North East of the country.
  4. To take P-G tips teabags for professor Annie Davis, who is from Cardiff, Wales, and who was “dying” for a good cup of tea.
  5. To continue fellowship with faculty/staff.

    China and Visit to Xinjiang.

Jorjao flew back to the United Kingdom following his week’s stay at PUST, and Steve travelled onto Urumqi, China, (which is in NW China, near to Kazakhstan).
Steve was to take greetings, and a “love gift” of finance, to a deserving Christian Family member in that area. The visit proved to be a life changing experience for him, as he witnessed what it is really like to be on the “frontline” for Christian witness, as many in this region have been persecuted for their faith. The love they have for Christ, and each other, is very deep.

Steve was taken to the graves of two Christian missionaries Percy Cunningham Mather, and Dr Emile Fischbacher. They both died of typhus in 1933.
They had undertaken exhausting ministry, and medical work, during the time of rioting and war, which broke out in North-West China. Hundreds were slaughtered by an armed Muslim fraction under the Khotan leader, Abdullah Khan, and during the Kumal Rebellion, led by MA Zhongying.
The Christians in this area have never forgotten the sacrifice these missionaries made as they set the seeds of the Gospel in the hearts of their fellow Believers

The hospitality Steve experienced was amazing! The gift of money he took there to help the Family member was redirected to support the Disabled in North Korea!
Imprisonment, emotional and physical torture, has not extinguished the flame of the Believers love for Christ. It burns brighter.
Steve will never forget attending a church which is protected by barricades and armed police, and attended by vibrant worshippers who welcome all.

Over the four-day period Steve stayed in Urumqi, he met each day with different groups. They were encouraged in their faith as he shared of the work of building Christ’s Kingdom in other areas of the world.
Leaving North West China Steve then return to Beijing, and flew onto Shenyang, Manchuria, where he met Seok Hee. He then flew back to Pyongyang to work with KFPD.
He had to fly to Shenyang because there were no flights from Beijing to Pyongyang on a Wednesday. However, there is no wasted time in Kingdom service. During his four-hour stopover at Shenyang Airport he met with others who are working with the Disabled in China, and who hope to work with DULA in the future.

More to be done.

There is much more to be done! NAFEK UK, and Emmaus Road Ministries (USA) are now working alongside DULA International to serve the Disabled community in North Korea.

Thank you for continuing to partner with us in our work by means of your prayer, and financial giving. Truly we are unable to do this work without your support.

May God bless you this Christmas time and during 2017.