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NAFEC and ERM Update August 2020
August 27 2020

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Cutreach through Northeast Asia Foundation of Education & Culture UK.
April 30 2019

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NAFEC and ERM Update August 2020

August 27 2020

This update of our combined ministries is long overdue. Despite these difficult Covid-19 pandemic days our work continues.

Indeed, much of Christian Mission throughout the world is at a “low ebb”, soon however “waves will crash loud on the seashore” …. (as they are doing so as I write here in Pembrokeshire with Storm Francis raging) ……as we fulfil our commission.

Covid-19 has closed the borders to work in China, North Korea, as well as many other countries. Persons that Emmaus Road Ministries and NAFEC UK have worked alongside in the past are unable to travel.

Pyongyang University of Science & Technology (PUST) is operating on a skeleton staff, with no overseas teachers being allowed into the country. Sadly, Yanbian University of Science & Technology (YUST) in China is under threat of closure by the Chinese Government. The next & last graduating class is now in the final year of teaching. Urgent prayer is needed for YUST & PUST. Both universities have been greatly used to build bridges of relationship, and the education of deserving students.

Such news could lead to inertia and despondency, but at this time of “lock-down” momenta for new opportunities are building.

NAFEC UK has been able to support.

  1. Football coaching of Brazil Soccer Academy. Three Brazilian coaches taught at the national Football Academy in Pyongyang in 2019

  2. Teaching of Blind soccer and Goalball by Steve Jones through KFPD {Disabled Support) in Pyongyang. We are to assist Steve in establishing a charitable company for his worldwide ministry.

  3. Continued association with German bioengineer Matthias Roller as we seek to raise funds to build a prosthesis manufacturing workshop in Pyongyang for limb amputees.

  4. Ongoing support for YUST & PUST, encouraging staff and recruiting teachers for the Department of Medical Science. We have been in constant contact with the universities’ founder, Pres James Kim.

Other areas of ministry support in Asia,


NAFEC and ERM combined to fund the escape from persecution of a young leader from Kyrgyzstan. Gani was about to be arrested and given a 7-year jail sentence for his successful church building, especially amongst young people. Hours before his arrest we arranged a flight to Malaysia where he could be safely housed. He was forced to leave his young wife and child of one month of age.

The Holy Spirit used Gani over several months to encourage a fledgling fellowship in Kuala Lumper.

We later assisted him to fly to Talisa, Georgia, with the hope that his wife could join him there, but Covid-19 closed the borders. Yet again he was used to teach at a Bible college at the foot of Mt Ararat in Armenia!

Having been separated from his wife and son for 8 months we were able to fly the family to Istanbul, Turkey, where they are now finally together. They can stay there for up to a year. Please pray for them as Gani seeks to find employment and living quarters.







Since my visits to Bangladesh in 2006 and 2008 Erm has been able to provide continued support in prayer & finance the challenging ministry of a Godly couple, Asit & Shilpy.

Despite intense and dangerous persecution, they have continued to witness to the love of Christ in practical ways (food distribution after the recent floods), as well, as Christian teaching and Bible distribution.

Over these years I have continued my contact through the internet. He and wife, Shilpy need encouragement. It is a blessing to observe the faithful witness of such dedicated persons to the Gospel of Christ with attendant personal danger daily.



Prit and Laila have undertaken amazing ministry in Nepal during times of earthquake, food shortage, and Christian outreach to isolated communities in the mountains. Their work with the youth has been outstanding, caring for orphans, and providing physical needs such as shelter and food.

Fiscal support for such relatively unknown ministries is challenging. This has provided an opportunity for the combined ministry of ERM and NAFEC UK to contribute whenever possible.


A FUTURE PROJECT (Letter sent to the Director of the South Korea Blind Orchestra)

Dear Mr Choi,

Please forgive the delay in my responding to you following your meeting with my friend Professor Ewan Thompson, who has been teaching in Pyongyang.

I was excited to learn of your work with the Orchestra of the Blind in South Korea.

For over 10 years I have had links with KFPD in DPRK, an organisation that offers care for the Less Abled, and have set up several schools for the Visually Impaired throughout the country. I have visited several their schools, and through the care of many, I have been able to take braille readers, computer/printer, and other supplies to assist in the educational outreach.

Last October I was able to facilitate the teaching of Goal ball for the Blind students when a dear friend, Steve Jones (who is an internationally recognised coach) travelled to Pyongyang.

Ewan, Steve, and I are from Wales.

Wales hosted a Disabled performance team from DPRK to the Royal College Of Art & Drama, Cardiff, in May 2017. The performers had various handicaps, including loss of vision, deafness, limb amputations…. but did an amazing job!

At this time, my days of travel are at a standstill, as I suffered a stroke 2 years ago, but thankfully Ewan, Steve and others are undertaking excellent ministry in DPRK.

I would like to learn more of your work, your Orchestra, and possibly one day be a facilitator to have you perform in Pyongyang……. maybe you have already forged links with KFPD?

It is my belief that the more vulnerable in society can be the teachers of the more abled as they uniquely share their love for life, their giftedness, guided & mentored by people such as yourself.

I am so pleased that Ewan shared about our love for the people of the whole of the Korean peninsula.

Faithfully Yours,

Dr Steve Price

Following the contact with Mr Choi I wrote to KFPD in Pyongyang,

Dear KFPD Staff,

Thank you for all the work you undertake in caring for others during this difficult time of the pandemic.

Although travel is limited at this time this does not mean that you are out of our thoughts.

I wish to share with you the email written below about the Orchestra for the Blind from South Korea. Their director met Professor Ewan Thompson and subsequently I wrote to Mr Choi.

One day I believe there will be a great concert of Disabled performers from both sides of the DMZ in Pyongyang. I pray that my strength will be such that I can be there?

I am so very thankful of my links with KFPD over many years. Indeed, I count Mun Chol Kim as a dear friend. I would love to be able to write to him, encourage him, and share visions of what can be accomplished as we work together internationally.

The UK and Wales were greatly enriched by the Disabled Performance Team from KFPD during their visit in 2015 and 2017. Their giftedness, and love for life, left an indelible impression in the hearts of many.

There is more to be done in Football, Blind Goal Ball, Dance, Vocal &Orchestration and building schools for the education/welfare of a wonderful group of people, who are international ambassadors for peace & unity in a fractured world.


Dr Steve Price


The Holy Spirit has brought together, in Abergavenny, a group of people to be committed to pray for the ministry in NE Asia. This is possible through “Zoom”.

Recently we extended the online prayer group to others as far away as Cornwall, who have been led, through the web site, to pray!


Whether in USA or UK please continue to pray for and support financially these ministries.

In my personal time of weakness after my stroke in July ,2018, I am reminded of the direction from 2 Corinthians 12 vs 7-10.

I will continue to use these ministries to undertake His direction. Should you need contact information for any of the ministries mentioned please email me.