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ERM/NAFEC UK Spring report

April 26 2016

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YUST China

Steve Price was able to visit our NAFEC UK sponsored teacher Ewan Thompson at Yanbian University of Science & Technology (YUST) during the Easter period.

A few days prior to leaving Wales Steve was contacted by university president Dr. James Kim (Ref. “God’s Collaborator, by Stella Price) who requested him to present the Annual Vision Lecture to the student body. Using the acronym “YUST” the content of his presentation focussed on;

Y   you and I with
U   understanding, and with a
S    servant’s heart, will bring
T    transformation.

The lecture shared how disadvantaged, and physically handicapped, persons throughout the World can be given the attention they need.

The motto of YUST is “Lovism” and this is one way the students can put this into action if they use their education to serve others.

On Easter Sunday Steve preached at the combined service for overseas and Chinese faculty & their families, in the converted crematorium building which is now the campus chapel. Using the gospel song composed by his friend Frank Keefe he shared the account of Joseph of Arimathea, who declares his love for Christ, and in doing so risks all!

Fellowship with Ewan and other faculty members proved a great blessing. Steve met Prof. Wei, a Chinese teacher, who had intimate knowledge of the history of Welsh missionary Griffith John, who had established churches, hospitals and a university in China which Prof. Wei had attended.

Robert Jermain Thomas had been assisted by Griffith John when he first moved to China in 1863 (Ref. “Chosen for Chosun”).

Prof. Wei is studying for a PhD at Chester University.

A most remarkable and dedicated professor, Dana Estrem, Dean of Western Languages, and who has been at YUST since 1997, played host to Ewan and Steve. Breakfasts of pancakes and bacon, along with genuine maple syrup, proved a great change from rice and kimchee!

During his journey to YUST Steve had read in China Daily of the expansion of industry in NE China, in the region where YUST is situated and that Germany plans, along with China, to invest in an industrial park. He was able to discuss these details with a German NGO who have supported YUST in the past, but needed encouragement to continue their support. Graduates of YUST fluent in their core language of English, and also German, could be future leaders in such industries.

It is presently proving difficult to raise financial and personnel support for Christian ministry in China as it now boasts of a strong economy. However, this is not the time to retreat from supporting Kingdom-minded people who seek to bring others to faith in Christ. Understandably there is a growing awareness in European Christian churches that more support should be given to refugees from war-torn countries of the Middle East.

Many concerns of uncertain support, and difficulty in obtaining visas, face those who minister in NE Asia. It can be an administrative nightmare, so working in this area of the World is certainly not for the ‘faint of heart’.

PUST Graduation

Following a flight back to Beijing, and an overnight stay on Easter Monday, Steve met with a group of persons flying to Pyongyang, North Korea, to attend the Second Graduation Exercises at PUST.


During the short stay much was accomplished in meetings with other Board members, faculty as well as university Presidents Kim and Park. The highlight was to congratulate each student on their achievement.

Excavation of the foundation for the Medical School has begun, and the students have undertaken an amazing job of landscaping the campus.


What readily becomes appreciated are the bonds that have been forged between the students and their teachers. This became evident in the multimedia presentation produced by Prof. Seyul Choe who had documented the progress of this Student Class of 2016 throughout their 4 years of study. At the Graduation Banquet the students, faculty and guests linked hands to sing the traditional Korean “thank you” song.

A good number of students have elected to stay on at PUST for Master degree programmes.

It is a miracle that with the present embargos in place that PUST survives at all. Fiscal support is at an all-time low, but the determination and commitment of the faculty, and North Korean staff (especially the Department of Foreign Affairs) to make the university a success is encouraging. This dedication has renewed the desire of NAFEC UK to support this venture in any way possible.

Brazil Soccer Players

Following the visits in June and October 2015 by Brazilian coaches Valmir Soares and Jorjao Pinheiro a door has opened for the visit of a full soccer squad during October 2016.

Jorjao is now fully employed in Soccer Diplomacy, and has visited numerous countries to facilitate building relationships through sport. It has been a special blessing for NAFEC UK to have played a part in this development.


NAFEC UK continues its support for the wonderful work undertaken by Director Mun Chol Kim and the staff of Korea Federation for Protection of Disabled (KFPD).

Working alongside DULA International and KFPD (ref; we will continue to assist in the building of greenhouses at a number of orphanages, and centres which care for the Disabled.

It is encouraging to learn that the NAFEC UK assisted professors of physical therapy for the Disabled are to undertake teaching seminars in Pyongyang during October 2016.

Another joint project is to equip and provide teachers for a Training Centre for the Disabled. Here skills can be taught to those disabled by blindness, deafness and other physical impediments so they can earn an independent living, and contribute positively to their society. This will result in a greater sense of wellbeing and self-worth.

On the flight back to China from North Korea Steve read an article in the magazine KOREA  (Juche 105 # 723) about Kim Myong Suk, the gifted blind kayagum (Korean harp) player. Stella and Steve had met her at the DULA concert at Oxford University in February 2015. He was pleasantly surprised to see the photograph of himself presenting flowers to the gifted artists, who had performed not only in Oxford but in London, Cambridge and Paris.



NAFEC UK continues its work on numerous fronts but it needs your continued prayer, personal and financial support.
Thank you!!

NAFEC UK Trustee Stella Price has had her book “Chosen for Chosun” published in the Korean language by Daesung Press, Seoul. It has also been printed in Chinese, as well as English. Copies may be obtained from Daesung Press or by contacting Steve at .