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August 07 2012

Much has taken place during the last twelve months in the work of Emmaus Road Ministry.

Wales was blessed during Easter 2011 by the ministry of Goje Island Children’s Choir from S. Korea, near Busan, as well as the dedicated Korean artists, under the direction of Sinho Park, who undertook exhibitions of their work and teaching seminars.

Both local newspapers and BBC Wales shared accounts of the special relationship between Wales and Korea. How the life, ministry, and martyrdom of a young Welshman Robert Jermain

Thomas forged this union out of what was deemed tragedy but has produced life changing relationships in Individuals and in a nation.

Thomas’ home church of Hanover Chapel, Llanover, Wales welcomes over 1200 Korean pilgrims each year. A cup of tea, Welsh-cakes, and an encouraging message of the evidence of “God’s Presence throughout time” is often presented. Church members, especially Nancy and David Wilson, have hosted hundreds of Koreans over many years. David Wilson had fought in the Korean War of 1950-53 to bring physical freedom. Thomas was used to bring spiritual freedom and Christ’s love to this special land.

Wales has been blessed by numerous Korean pastors and their families who now live and minister in the Welsh Valleys. The ‘fruit of the seed of the Gospel’ that was planted by many faithful servants of Christ is bringing blessing to many.

During June 2011 Hanover Chapel and Manse welcomed a most distinguished guest from China, Dr. James Kim (Kim ChinKyung). Dr. Kim is the founder of Yanbian University of Science and Technology (YUST) in Yanji City, which is situated on the border between China and North Korea. He was invited in the late 90’s to build a similar university in North Korea, which he immediately set about to build. In 2010 Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) opened its doors to the first undergraduate class.

The account of how God has used Dr. Kim, his wife Grace and those who serve with them is being researched and written by Stella Price. Steve Price had met James Kim on several occasions during his visits to China and North Korea.

Stella spent three weeks in China during September 2011 interviewing many of the friends, staff and students at YUST to learn more about the university. The Prices then travelled to Pyongyang, North Korea in early October where Stella continued her research, met members of Dr. Kim’s family and Steve participated in the First International Science Conference to be held at PUST.

The title of Steve’s lecture, “Building Relationships through Primary Care Medicine in a ‘Fractured World’”.


A distinguished faculty took part in the conference. The keynote speakers included Lord David Alton of Liverpool, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Peter Acre, Shuttle astronaut David Hilmers and Dr. Malcolm Gillis, former President of Rice University, Texas.

Whilst in Pyongyang Stella and Steve Price met new friends and renewed friendship with Sam and Eunsoo Folta (Sam teaches at PUST), Dr. Nam, as well as Dr. Moses, and Sally Kahng.

Moses and Sally have dedicated their lives to serve the students at PUST and have established the Health Services at the campus. Steve will assist in this goal and arrangements were made for a further visit in 2012, when he could share his 22 years of experience providing student health care at Gordon College, Massachusetts.

A New Role

Steve was appointed as a Trustee of PUST. This is a special blessing for him as he reflects on the journey he has travelled under the Holy Spirit’s direction. From a brief visit to a neighborhood chapel in Wales in 2003 to following in the footsteps of a passionate young Welshman!

Near to the site of the university is the burial place of Thomas, on Suk Island in the Taedong River. When the foundations of PUST were being set, it was learned that it was to be built on the very site of the destroyed Thomas Memorial Church! Remnants of the churches bell tower and gravestones were discovered.

The church had been built, despite Japanese oppression, by Christians in Pyongyang in 1932. The leaders had met in 1928 at Thomas’ grave and they determined to establish the Thomas Memorial Association to ensure an ongoing Thomas legacy of preaching the Gospel of Christ.

As well as a church being built the “Thomas” boat was built and dedicated. This was in order to reach the islands where Thomas had been shipwrecked during his first visit to Korea in 1865.

The church was probably destroyed during the Korean War, or shortly thereafter as atheistic Communism took hold.

There had been three potential building sites offered to Dr. Kim to build his university but Providence directed him to this meaningful location.

A new project

Dr. Kim has commissioned Steve to build “The Thomas International Medical/Science Conference Center” on the university campus. This is to provide a venue where persons from all nations can meet and share their knowledge and experience in order to serve the people of this nation. It would be amazing if this task could be accomplished by September 2016, which would be the 150th anniversary of Thomas’ martyrdom.

James Kim’s philosophy of “Lovism” is based on Acts 15 where faith in Christ can find true expression as we love others, even our former enemies. (Kim had fought in the Korean War as a boy soldier).

As a means of reaching donors who can assist in this monumental project, we have established charity, North-East Asia Foundation for Education and Culture (NAFEC).

We hope to reach many interested persons of all nationalities in UK, Europe, and North America but especially throughout the Korean Diaspora.

Our emphasis being this is not another building project but a demonstration of love in action.

The center will involve working alongside North Korea counterparts as we establish a School of Public Health and Nutritional Research as a means of to feeding thousands of orphaned children and to follow their progress. Thousands of children are already being helped by YUST.

Steve returned to North Korea in June 2012 for 2 weeks to assist the Dr. Moses and Sally Kahng.

Hanover Manse Renovation

Several years ago Stella price had played “matchmaker” in the life of her former student Kinday Admassu, an Ethiopian refugee. She introduced Kinday to Ashtar, a beautiful Iraqi lady, who had converted to Christ. The wedding of Kinday and Ashtar took place in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in early September 2011 at the same time the Prices learned that their Nova Scotia home had sold. Stella was driven to be Yarmouth in a 27ft. moving truck! Family friend Craig Harkless helped Stella and Steve pack up their belongings, Stella was able to attend the wedding and Steve and Craig headed back to Massachusetts with a van load of furniture.

The sale of the Canadian house has enabled the next phase in the restoration of Hanover Manse.

November and December 2011 witnessed the “gutting” of the dilapidated building by Steve and nephew Mark.

A very experienced builder Trevor Meredith, and his co-workers Ben, Allan and ‘Sharkie”, began the reconstruction in January 2012. The project will be complete by early September 2012.

Outreach to Wales

Following their return from North Korea to Llanover in October 2011 the Prices assisted in presenting the story of Thomas’ life to the people of Rhayader, Mid Wales. Thomas had been born on East Street in this market town on September 7, 1839. His father Robert Thomas ministered at Tabernacle Chapel from 1839 until he was called to Hanover Chapel, Llanover in 1847.

The present minister of Tabernacle, Rev. Peter Gaskell, along with the leaders of other local churches arranged for a concert entitled “A son of Rhayader who changed the World!”.

The concert was successfully held at the Community Center with over 300 in attendance, including the Lord Mayor.

People later remarked on the excellence of the music and historical presentations.

London Korean Mission Choir, under the direction of Byun YoungKee; Paris Opera tenor Ook Chung; Welsh tenor Huw Priday and his wife Elizabeth Woollett gave blessed performances.

Stella Price read excerpts from her book “Chosen for Choson” which referenced Rhayader’s role in the life of the Thomas family.

Choreographing the evening from the audio/visual aspect was Paul Griffiths of Ammanford.

The Sunday morning after the concert the churches came together at Tabernacle Chapel for joint worship.

A service of dedication

On Friday September 28, 2012 at 7.00p.m.a service of Praise and Dedication will be held at Hanover Chapel, Llanover to celebrate the restoration of the Manse.

Special guests are to include the North Shore Christian Men’s Choir of Boston, USA. This choir last visited Llanover in 2006 and has been a source of spiritual strength to Emmaus Road Ministries since its inception in 1997.

The local churches of Abergavenny will come together for this service which will be hosted by Emmaus Road Ministries. Rev. Michael Osmond (formerly of South Africa), minister of the Baptist Church is the guest speaker.

Please pray for this time and come and join us if possible!

Faith Tourism

The Welsh Assembly (Government in Wales) is developing a program to support Faith Tourism throughout the Principality. Many people visit Wales because of its Christian heritage.

Within a 25 mile radius of Hanover Chapel there is evidence of Christian worship from the time of the Roman conquest and throughout the ages and up to the present time. Times of Revival are well documented and times when the Church has been at ‘low ebb’.

Pastors from Korea, India, Africa are coming to Wales to be used to bring this country back to a ‘first love’ for Christ (Cf. Revelation Chpt. 2)

Sarang-Thomas Chapel and Teaching Center

During March 2012 the Sarang-Thomas Chapel and Teaching Center was opened at Wales Evangelical School of Theology in Bridgend. The center embodies a partnership between Wales and Korea in the work of the Gospel.The project was jointly developed by Principal Jonathan Stephens and Rev. Oh Jon Young of Sarang Church, Seoul and will train future Christian leaders.

Thomas’s mortal life was cut short but his work in the life of the Church continues.

Emmaus Road Ministries was instrumental in this development following the visits of Huw Priday and Steve Price to Sarang Church in 2007.

Future Projects

Stella is to complete the life story of Kim ChinKyung, Pres. James Kim the founder of YUST and PUST. She also has many speaking engagements and plans to establish a women’s Community Bible Study, at Pontymoile Mission, Pontypool. Janet Morgan Phillips of the USA is working closely with Stella on this ministry.

Steve is to complete the task of Hanover Manse renovation but he also hopes to go back to PUST to continue his work with Dr. Kahng.

We also hope to arrange a series of regional informative “concert outreaches” on behalf of NAFEC to raise awareness and finance for the construction of the Thomas Center in Pyongyang.

In June 2013 we will welcome to Wales an old friend from the Khasi Hills of India…..Dr. Prosperly Lyngdoh.

Prosperly preached throughout South Wales in January 2000. He has a debt of gratitude to Wales for the missionaries who brought not only the Gospel to his people, but education and health care (Ref. “Gwalia in Khasi”)

Dr. Lyngdoh is now the Professor of Missions at Golden Gate Baptist Seminary in California. He will bring a team of young ministers in training to share their love to the Welsh people.

‘ Pros’, as he is lovingly called, was instrumental in getting Steve and Stella to come “Home again to Wales.”

This report has been lengthy but is replete with evidence that you and I:

“We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, to do the work He has appointed us to carry out!” Ephesians 2 v.10

God Bless You,

Steve Price
August 7, 2012