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Dr. Prosperly B. Lyngdoh

February 18 2009

Dr. Prosperly B. Lyngdoh , an early member of Emmaus Road Ministries, encouraged its founder Dr. Stephen Price to reach out in medical mission to many countries. They initially ministered together in Wales in January 2000 and have shared other opportunities to serve Christ in the USA and overseas.

Dr. Lyngdoh earned his bachelor degree from Union Biblical Seminary of Serampore University (founded by William Carrey), his master degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, MA and his doctoral degree from the Billy Graham School of Evangelism, Missions, and Church Growth of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY. Dr. Lyngdoh is also a member of Evangelical Missiology Society in USA. and presently teaches at Barclay College, Havilland, Kansas.                                                                                                                                                      

Dr. Lyngdoh is a visionary and has a heart for missions.  He is a man in whom all of us have come to put great trust and confidence. One cannot help but admire his devotion to the work of the Gospel, his pragmatic approach to ministry and his capacity to remember many people, as well as pray for them often. Prosperly has been greatly blessed with the support of Patsy, his dedicated wife. Together, using their home to welcome and reach many, they have enlarged Christ’s family!

He is an inspiration to us as he leads us to touch the world with the love of Jesus. His deep desire is to see the church of Christ revived around the world, a message he has shared in many places including Wales, a “land of Revivals”. Dr.Lyngdoh has a strong heritage with Wales because the Welsh minissionaries were the ones who brought the gospel to his people of India’s Khasi Hills.
Region. Prosperly B. Lyngdoh presently teaches at Barclay College (an Interdenominational Christian College ) in Kansas.


Missions & Evangelism: Reaching the unreached for Christ in India and around the world.
Training: Training indigenous leadership in Missions , Evangelism and Church-planting.
Theological Scholarship: Provide tuition and books scholarship for Bible College students in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.  Many young Christians from these countries are responding to the call of God. These godly men and women need to be trained in India .  They are in need of your support. It cost about $ 1,200.00 a year ($100/month) for their training.
Social Ministries:
  Vision is to reach out with compassion, stretch forward with kindness and express love in action, by involving in various social ministries.


 "I have found Dr. Prosperly B. Lyngdoh to be God called, dedicated and committed man of God who has a hunger anmd desire to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to his people in India."
- Dr. Larry E. Beauchamp. Senior Pastor of Durant Chapel Baptist Church.
"I have known Prosperly B. Lyngdoh for several years and am grateful to God for his Christian commitment. He is a very gifted and focussed individual and earnestly desire to serve the Lord."
- Dr. Ravi K. Zacharias. Founding President RZIM.
"Dr. Prosperly B.Lyngdoh is a visionary who at the sametime knows how to get the job done. While his heart is in his native land of India, still evidences cross-cultural gifting as he ministers to various subcubculture in the United States. He teaches and preaches with passion and conviction."
- Dr. Samuel R. Shutz Professor of Evangelism and Ministry Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.
"Dr. Lyngdoh is a man who has served well the church in India. He is creative in his approach, deligent in reaching his goals and deeply concern to provide theological education for pastors in his own country. He is an articulate speaker with keen insights into the prersent climate of his country." - Dr. Mark O. Coleman Senior Pastor of North Shore Community Baptist Church.
"Dr. Lyngdoh has been used greatly of God and he has magnificent dreams for the development of indigenous leadership within India."
Rev. George A. Kohl Senior Pastor of Belmont Street Baptist Church.
"As far as I know, this is a man (Dr. Prosperly B.Lyngdoh) in whom all of us have come to put a great trust and confidence for we detect that the hand of God is upon him..."
- Dr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. (Retired) President of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.
I commend Prosperly to you as a faithful and proven servant of the Lord and a dear brother in Christ. As a professor, missionary, preacher, church-planter and world traveler, Prosperly's heart is for people, for churches, and for pastors. He is always a wonderful encourager to me as his pastor, and we are proud to support him as the Lord leads him in ministry."
- Rev. Bob Fleener First Southern Baptist Church of Pratt, Kansas.



The ERM is a non-profit organization and holds 501 (c) 3 status incorporated in the state of MA. If you wish to support Dr. Lyngdoh in his outreach ministry throughout the world, especially his native India, please contact;
Emmaus Road Ministries,
P.O.Box 130,
Essex, MA 01929 USA
You may send a prayer request, communication & love gift either directly to the above address or via PayPal by going to Emmaus Road Ministries web site at  Please mention that the gift is for Dr. Lyngdoh. A tax deductible receipt will be sent to you.