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NAFEC and ERM Update August 2020
August 27 2020

Outreach through Northeast Asia Foundation of Education & Culture UK.
April 30 2019

Cutreach through Northeast Asia Foundation of Education & Culture UK.
April 30 2019

Disabled musicians concert Cardiff
June 23 2017

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December 13 2016

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April 26 2016

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December 10 2015

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February 09 2015

A Journey from Wales to North Korea
February 09 2015

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May 05 2011

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August 26 2010

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January 14 2010

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August 25 2009

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February 18 2009

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January 01 2009

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Philip Eleazar Price
July 29 2007

Jonathan Hodgkins
October 01 2006


Cutreach through Northeast Asia Foundation of Education & Culture UK.

April 30 2019

What began in 2003 as a brief visit to a local chapel in Llanover, Wales, became a commission to;
Renovate the dilapidated and abandoned manse,
Learn of the life and ministry of Robert Jermain Thomas, and his wife Caroline, and to document their lives and missionary service (‘Chosen for Choson’, by Stella Price)
To make the manse, Thomas’ boyhood home a place of welcome for hundreds of overseas visitors, especially from South Korea and China.
Thomas’ legacy
We learned of the expressions of Thomas’ legacy in China , YUST, (Yanbian University of Science & Technology) and in North Korea at PUST (Pyongyang University of Science & Technology). These universities were founded by President Kim Chinkyung. Stella Price’s book ‘God’s Collaborator’ documents his life.
When the foundations of PUST were being laid in North Korea it was found to be the site of the Robert Jermain Thomas Memorial Church, which was opened in 1932, despite severe Japanese repression of Christian witness. Japan had annexed and ruled the whole of Korea from 1905-1945.
A medical school is to be part of PUST’s ministry, and NAFEC UK initiated medical education there in December 2017.It has also been involved in the recruitment of professors at the university, including Ewan Thompson and Neil and Jane Mc Donald, who are known to our local Abergavenny Baptist Church.
Korea Federation for Protection of Disabled (KFPD)
KFPD, directed by Kim Mun Chol, has been supported in various ways by NAFEC UK. This included assisting (DULA International) in bringing the Disabled Performance Team to Wales in 2017; coaching of the Hearing-Impaired Football Team by associate Jorjoa Pinheiro (President of Brazil Soccer Academy); setting up of a Goal Ball team for blind students by Jorjao and Steve Jones of Neath.
Steve also supplied braille readers, transcribers and a braille printer for the Taedong School for the Blind, Pyongyang.
Professors of Physical Therapy Philomena Commons, and Heather Angilly, both from Leeds University, and Consultant Paediatrician Angela Moore           came to North Korea (assisted by NAFEC UK) to teach and support KFPD.
National Football Academy of North Korea (DPRK) 
When ever the Holy Spirit opens a door for service, we seek to build bridges of relationship. This happened when Brazil Soccer Academy, under Jorjao’s direction, and with encouragement from Mrs. Han, FIFA Director for North Korea, provided two top Brazilian football coaches (Isaias de Luna, and Jefferson Franco) to train students from the ages of 8-17 at the prestigious National Football Academy. They have already made several visits to Pyongyang and will return this year during October.
NAFEC UK present focus  
We are to assist in the construction and running of a Prosthesis Manufacturing Workshop, under the direction of Matthias Roller, a bio-engineer from Germany, who has extensive experience in this specialty. He visited KFPD in Pyongyang last July. Unfortunately, Steve Price was unable to join him during this time as he suffered a stroke on July 7, just prior to their travelling together.
Steve Jones is to teach football and goal ball to the blind students of KFPD and will hopefully accompany the Brazilian football coaches in October.
NAFEC UK continues to support the ongoing construction and teaching at PUST medical school.
All of this is the result of God’s Amazing Grace.
In Pyongyang the Disabled Performance Team were quick to hum the tune of this wonderful hymn, and the blind pianist, who had never played it before, did an amazing accompaniment.
Robert Jermain Thomas’ work in the Far East was for Yesterday, and our work to build Jesus’ Kingdom is for Today and Tomorrow. It is the Legacy of Life in the Spirit
Please enjoy this 5-minute video of NAFEC UK’s ministry