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NAFEC and ERM Update August 2020
August 27 2020

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April 30 2019

Cutreach through Northeast Asia Foundation of Education & Culture UK.
April 30 2019

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June 23 2017

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December 13 2016

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February 09 2015

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February 09 2015

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May 05 2011

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July 29 2007

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October 01 2006



November 28 2013



Our most recent ministry took us to Tyndale Seminary and Christ Church in Heiloo in the north of Holland.  Steve and Stella were invited by Dory and Jaap Hofstra who hosted them.  They shared their work and life experiences with international students at Tyndale, and younger students and children at Christ Church, Heiloo.  One interesting connection was made with a professor, Dr. Drake Williams & his family, whom they had met many years previously at Gordon Conwell Seminary.  Steve’s practice had cared for them and medical records were brought out to prove the fact!  Stella and Steve are excitedly anticipating sharing with other universities and colleges in Europe and America.



Our ministry base throughout 2013 here in Wales is at Hanover Chapel, Llanover, Monmouthshire. This small chapel carries a distinguished history in that it was the second Dissenters’ church in the whole of Wales, established in 1644. It is also the boyhood home of missionary Robert Jermain Thomas, who took the Gospel to China and Korea. He was executed on Suk Island, in the Taedong River, Pyongyang, which is now North Korea’s capital.   

The memory of Robert Jermain Thomas reverberates throughout South Korea and pilgrims travel to our little chapel to say “thankyou” for his life.  We have welcomed approximately three thousand visitors from all countries of the world but most of them are Koreans from South Korea.  Car loads, bus loads, and those who travel alone by public transport visit Hanover Chapel. We pray together for peace and unity on the Korean Peninsula and for those who are persecuted and suffering because of poverty in North Korea.Although we have a small membership, our chapel have with a large vision to serve and welcome our visitors and brothers and sisters in Christ.

As of November 25, 2013, we now have been blessed with the arrival of a Korean pastor, Rev. Daniel Yoo and his wife Mary. He will be inducted at our chapel on January 25th, 2014. 

The appointment of Daniel coincides with the anniversary of the 150th year since missionary, Robert, and his wife, Caroline, began their ministry in Shanghai, China. Although they both died at young ages, their life sacrifice is producing fruit all these years later. It is very significant that Daniel and Mary should come to Hanover at this juncture.

To date, Daniel and Mary have been ministering at a London church, but prior to that they were missionaries in Morocco for over 10 years. We are blessed to have them lead and serve with us. Mary is a gifted singer & musician. Our new electronic organ & sound system is excited that at last they will be fully utilized & the congregation brought ‘back on key’!

One popular song at our church in Hanover is “Yesterday, Today, Forever, Jesus is the same,” which was the text for Robert Jermain Thomas’ first sermon at the age of 17 at Hanover Chapel and which we are learning to sing in Korean.

Steve and Stella also hosted Lars and Elisabeth Elliot whose work is known throughout the world, and especially espoused by Korean Christians.  They attended some of our meetings and worshipped with us on Sundays.

You may want to also see and 



MAY, 2013


Distinguished Welsh tenor, Huw Priday, and speaker, Dr. Stephen Price  presented the history of the links between Wales and Korea to very large Korean churches in USA, in Centerville, Virginia & the Church of Philippi in Maryland.  Huw has mastered the ability to sing in Korean, which brought much blessing to the congregations.

Rev. Won Sang Lee, pastor emeritus of the Korean Central Presbyterian Church (KCPC), had visited Hanover Chapel earlier in 2013 and had stayed with Stella and Steve in Wales. Providentially, the new pastor for the church, Dr. David Ryoo, who was a long time friend of Huw and Steve, invited them to participate in a Missions Conference, which was held a week before his induction to the pastorate.

We are praying that the Holy Spirit will present more opportunities to share this amazing account of ‘God’s Presence through time’ as evidenced in the life of Thomas and the ongoing legacy which is still being written in Wales, China, North and South Korea and worldwide.

Huw and Steve also participated in a Missions Service at the Fourth Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, Maryland where they were reacquainted with fellow Welshman, senior minister, Dr. Robert Norris. Steve had to be forgiven for taking too much time as he excitedly shared about Hanover Chapel, Thomas, Wales and Korea!



With the help, generosity, and expertise of Paul Hastings, a London law firm, Steve and Stella set up a charitable company, Northeast Asia Foundation for Education and Culture in the UK.  Its main purpose is to raise awareness & funding for assistance to missions in North East Asia. The charity is called North East Asia Foundation for Education & Culture, NAFEC (see ).  

At the initial stages, they invited Pastor Peter Cho to also join the directorship.  His expertise in business, knowledge of Korean, and great heart for the gospel of Christ, has been, and will be, invaluable to NAFEC. 

NAFEC-UK assists Yanbian University of Science and Technology, Yanji City, China (YUST) and Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) in Pyongyang, North Korea.  PUST also supports the feeding program of many orphans in North East Asia. 

The present focus for NAFEC is establishing the Medical Sciences Department at PUST. Stella and Steve has visited PUST in 2011, Steve had taken part in the First International Science Conference at the university, while Stella interviewed faculty and staff for her book.  In 2012 Steve returned to Pyongyang to help the university’s medical director Dr. Moses Kahng and his wife Sally with the provision of Student Health Care services.

In October 2013 Rev. Peter Cho & Dr. Steve Price travelled to Pyongyang.  They each presented science papers at the Second International Science Conference. Accompanying them on their journey were David Kerrigan, Director of the Baptist Missionary Service and public health expert Neil Hamlet. Following the conference they stayed an extra week to assist in developing the Medical Sciences faculty. You can read more about this at 

You may recall that PUST has been built on the very site of the destroyed Thomas Memorial Church, which was built in 1932, (despite Japanese oppression of Christians) to commemorate the life of Thomas.  The church is shown below and Dr. Moses Kahng & Steve at the site of the church.



Emmaus Road Ministries continue their support of ministry in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Congo. This is often medical advice and other guidance through the Internet


GOD’S COLLABORATOR, Stella’s new book on visionary, Kim Chin-kyung, founder of YUST and PUST.


Back cover page below 

Stella Price has written a human story that filters some of the complex history of the two Koreas (North and South) through the life of one man who is making a difference in the lives of many in Northeast Asia.  His main work is the establishment of two universities in Northeast China and North Korea.  Price calls the book, “God’s Collaborator” as it depicts the attitude of its main subject, Chin-kyung Kim, who fears neither prison nor death, to join forces with his God to serve the people of both Northeast China and North Korea.   Chin-kyung Kim is now the president and founder of two universities:  Yanbian University of Science and Technology and Pyongyang University of Science and Technology.  Chin-kyung’s passion and zeal to serve his people stem from a promise he made to God while serving as a boy soldier on the battlefield in the Korean War of 1950-53.