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North Korea

The four year period of preparation for Steve’s visit to North Korea was not wasted as it was during this time that he learned about Thomas’ life, the history of Korea and the growth of the Korean Christian Church despite persecution. As part of a medical team composed of S.Korean doctors and nurses he was able to ‘build bridges of love and relationship’ to the people of Pyongyang.

 A special blessing was his visit to Suk Island, the site of Thomas’ martyrdom, and also the attack on the SS General Sherman [read “Chosen for Chosun’]

 In 5 days the surgical team undertook about 30 operations, as well as teaching fellow North Korean physicians updated surgical techniques. Steve assisted in hip replacement surgery and also in liaising with various medical agencies. The ‘deaf’ were able to hear again…through the cochlear-implant surgery [and even acupuncture in one case]…..the lame were walking…..and cancer patients treated! All were expressions of the love Christ has for all persons presented by the hands of His obedient servants! What a great privilege to be part of this group! The North Korean Health officials provided a farewell superb for our team. It was at this function that Steve was able to express his gratitude and declare, “Wales is here again!”…..and “Jo-o-shin Hananim!” [phonetic Korean ….’God is Good!’]

 Emmaus Road Ministries has made an on-going commitment to support Wheat Mission International and Steve has been elected to the Board of Advisors of the mission. He hopes to be a member of the next medical mission to Pyongyang in the Spring of 2008.

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