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Steve and Stella have known Sylvia Leftin and her family [some from Nova Scotia] for over 30 years. Sylvia had been one of Steve’s special patients [they were all ‘special’] and she left the USA to teach in Ulan Baatar. It was arranged for Steve to visit her in Mongolia. What an agenda Sylvia had for Steve! ‘His feet did not hardly touch the ground’ until he flew back to Beijing in late April.

Enjoying every minute of his time in Mongolia he found opportunities to undertake medical clinics with Dr.Paul Choi, visit hospitals……meeting dedicated medical staff and special patients like Nomin [ a 17 year old paraplegic]…..take part in worship services…..visit the countryside and ger-churches [tent churches]……and even talk to Sylvia’s precious students [with Sylvia censoring his presentation!

A highlight was to join ‘David’s Men’ as they ministered to others who found themselves in difficult circumstances.

In 1990 there were zero Christians in Mongolia…….there are now over 40,000 and the Church is growing exponentially by the dedication and passion of the Mongolian people.  A delayed flight to Beijing, due to a sandstorm from the Gobi Desert, provided an opportunity for Sylvia, Steve and ‘Boggy’ [ a wonderful Mongolian leader] to minister to a needy patient who required prompt medical attention .Steve arranged Intensive Care admission as she was hypotensive from blood loss. [I learned later that she ‘went home to her Lord’ 2 weeks later]

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