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August 20 2009

Two thousand and nine is an extraordinarily busy year for the Emmaus Road Ministries team.  We are focusing on the rehabilitation of the Hanover Manse, the boyhood home of Robert Jermain Thomas, the missionary martyred in Pyongyang in 1866.

Hanover ManseHanover Manse, which is almost 300 years old, located in the village of Llanover,  Abergavenny, Wales, will become Steve and Stella Price’s  new home as they return after thirty-five years of living in North America.  Some of you who have read “Chosen for Choson,” * will recall Thomas’ work in China and Korea, as well as his death in Pyongyang (now the capital of DPRK, North Korea) and the subsequent growth of the church in the Korean peninsula.

The Thomas family occupied the Manse for almost 40 years. The missionary’s father, Robert Thomas, was the second full time minister to accept the call to the newly built Hanover Chapel [1839] moving his family from Rhyader to Llanover in 1845, when Robert junior was a mere lad of six.   When Robert junior was twelve, he was welcomed into the prestigious Llandovery School.  It is conjectured that Lord and Lady Llanover, patrons of the school, assisted the Thomas family in his education.

The Hanover Manse housed the original chapel during the Hanover period.  The early meeting house consisted of two large rooms, one on top of the other, built at one end of a farm dwelling.   The initials of the Davies’ family ,(Rees & Mary) and the date it was built, “1744” still edifies those who take the time to read the plaque on the side of the Manse.  The local farmer and his wife had purchased and donated the land for the purpose of a Meeting House in 1742. Their desire and I am sure their prayer, for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom was evident in their sacrificial giving.

Inside Hanover Chapel a stone tablet, hanging on the wall, reminds the visitor of the Davies’ gift to the work of the Gospel. The tablet originally adorned the Manse. It reads:

“Be it known that this Room & it’s Appurtenances is given for a Pious meeting place and settl’d & enroll’d in Chancery Together with the Dwelling House Barn stable Lands & Orchards Belonging to it for ye use & support of ye Dissenting Prot ministers for Ever by Rees and Mary Davies his wife in 1747-1767”

The Prices envisage that the Manse will still serve in the work of the Gospel, standing as a beacon throughout time of God’s grace and Presence.

The Barn Conversion will become a self-contained apartment that can be used by those who come to Wales to assist in spreading the Gospel.  The small dedicated congregation of Hanover Chapel had reluctantly sold the Manse several years ago in order that their church could continue to function. They have been aware of the significance of the Chapel to Korean Christians who still visit the Chapel and Manse every year.  Approximately 200-500 Korean pilgrims visit the Chapel and Manse each year thankful for Thomas who had  brought the Word of God to them.

Secretary of the Hanover Chapel Nancy Wilson, together with husband David, (a veteran of the Korean War of 1950-53), have hosted many groups of Koreans over the years. They have also shared the account of Thomas in South Korea to interested groups and visited the battle fields and DMZ where David had fought for South Korean freedom. 


Huw, Mark and Sue at work

During April and May Steve Price, together with his son Huw, as well as niece and nephew Mark and Sue Gill continued to renovate the home that had begun with its previous owners. There is much work to be done and because the structure is a grade two listed historic building certain codes must be met. Steve and Huw are returning to Wales in September to fit the specially crafted doors and windows, install flooring, kitchen and bathroom.  They hope to make the barn habitable by October, 2009.  The Manse itself requires extensive renovation, repointing and plastering of the walls, fitting of new floors, kitchen and bathrooms.  The walls and floors are bent-bowed and crooked but are replete with character.   It is projected that the home will be ready by 2011.


The Thomas Family;
Stephen Rees, of Llanelly, is the great-nephew of Robert Jermain Thomas. His great-grandmother was Elizabeth, Robert’s younger sister.

Stephen and his wife, Elaine, has greatly assisted the Prices in their research into the Thomas family. Their visit in May to view the renovation of the cottage proved a delight.

Stephen & Elaine at Manse  great-uncle Robert Jermain Thomas in the Hanover Chapel

Stephen & Elaine at Manse,                      and with photo of great-uncle Robert Jermain Thomas in the Hanover Chapel.

Korean Visitors;
During the time of reconstruction at least 6 groups of Korean visitors came to the site. On one such occasion a “spontaneous” worship service was held in the Chapel n which Professor David Ryoo, of Chongshin Seminary, Seoul, surprised Stephen with a visit.
Prof. David Ryoo & Steve Price

Jay Courtney sings

Hear Jay sing in Welsh ,Korean & English & download to your MP3 player by going to ‘How you can help’ page

Elizabeth and Huw sing David Ryoo had hosted Huw Priday and Steve in Korea during their ministry in 2007. Steve had also stayed with him following his medical work in North Korea in 2007 and 2008.

Elizabeth and Huw sang “The Lord’s Prayer” filling every crevice of the small chapel and leading the small group in prayer.  The Koreans returned the blessing by singing some of their favorite hymns.





ERM continues its focus on bringing medical assistance and other aspects of Christian ministry throughout the World, with a special focus on China and North Korea. However the leadership is responding to the call of the Holy Spirit to make Wales another base for this outreach.

Awareness of “God’s Presence throughout time”, as expressed in the lives of the Thomas family, is an account of the work of the Holy Spirit and God’s passion for His creation. This especially speaks to us at this time when the Church in Wales is at low ebb.

The area on the south bank of the Taedong River in Pyongyang, North Korea, which once housed the Thomas Memorial Church (opened in 1932, despite Japanese oppression and which was later destroyed by Kim Il-sung and the Communists in 1945) is now the site of a Christian University (PUST). As the foundation of the buildings were being laid the remnants of the Thomas Church were uncovered--much to the delight of the university faculty--who believed that this was affirmation that the Holy Spirit had called them to this labor of obedience and love.

From Thomas’s brief life we can learn that:

  • Thomas’ legacy to the Church of his day and to our day is ongoing!
  • God will have the first and the last say in the affairs of men.

Emmaus Road Ministries is thrilled to play whatever part it should in proclaiming that God answers prayer, and is “the same yesterday, and today and forever” (Hebrews 13 vs.8)** He has answered the prayers of those who have gone before….be it those of the Davies,( 1744) or the Thomas family  (1866)…..and will no doubt answer the prayers of His servants in this day who long to love and serve Christ.

Please pray for this project.
Yours in His Gospel,

 Steve Price.
Emmaus Road Ministries.

* “Chosen for Choson”, by Stella Price, can be purchased via
** Robert Jermain Thomas’ first sermon, preached at the age of 17 at Hanover Chapel, was based on this text.


Please note the address in Wales is;

Emmaus Road Ministries, Hanover Manse, Llanover, Nr. Abergavenny, NP7 9EF, UK