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August 25 2009

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Dr. Lyngdoh’s thank you and update

August 25 2009

Dear praying friends,

Greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord! We pray that this letter will meet you in good health and in God’s blessings.  Patsy and I safely arrived in the US on August 16, 2009.  It took us almost a week to get ourselves adjusted to the US time. Thank you….Thank you very much for your prayers!

What a blessing you are to us! There’s no way we could have accomplished all that we have done in India without your help.  Your prayers became so effective as God accomplished more than we can imagine or think. His special intervention was evident in the way He provided strategic opportunities in hard places in India. We want to impress upon your heart that because of your help, you are making a difference in so many lives in India.  It is so important that you realized the part YOU PERSONALLY ARE PLAYING IN WINNING, EQUIPING AND TRAINING young leaders in India.  Above all I want you to know how important you are not only to us but to the work of the Gospel.

Indian Trip Teaching


Let me briefly recount the last two and half  months so that you can be encourage to continue in life’s ultimate work:-

  • I had a blessing to speak to the Church planters in Mumbai (Senior and Junior). I speak about the importance of indigenous mission strategy which is one of the most effective strategies in the 20th century. I have never seen such a passion among young Indian church planter and ready to be used by the Lord.  The harvest is happening, and increasing numbers of laborers – are answering the call and seeing the results in ways they have previously only dream.
  • Again in Mumbai (Bombay) I gave five lectures to group of pastor on the importance of vision.
  • Several opportunities were blessed by the Lord God, the Great harvester. Highlights included local church situations where many trusted the Lord. The church members were excited to see the Lord work!
  • I was able to speak in many churches outside Mumbai. The Lord impressed upon my heart to speak on the call to the fulltime ministry based on Isaiah 6.  The Lord blessed and there are 8 men most of them converted from Hinduism to serve the Lord as missionary to their own people.  I am so glad to tell you that two of them have enrolled at Union Biblical Seminary to get their Master of Divinity.  I was able to pay cash for their tuition fees the day we admitted to the seminary. Thank you for your generous support!
  • I was able to travel to some of the mission field that are supporting by few churches in USA. I personally witness the effectiveness of the indigenous mission strategy. Many Indian churches were planted and they are 100% indigenous. I urge you to continue to support the work. [ It cost only $ 150.00 dollars a month for a single missionary and $300.00 a month for a family of four]
  • After spending good quality time with church leaders in Mumbai, Patsy and I finally boarded the plane and head home to the east to be with our family. Our family has seen God’s marvelous and good hand of strength. In the month of July my Dad celebrated his 85th birthday. We met as a family to recount God’s blessing on our Dad. Our grand children Gary (13), Darren (12) and Ayeshea (10) are growing well in every way. We are seeing the evidence of internal conflict as they make choices between Adam and Christ.  We are grateful for our daughter and son in-law for their parental stewardship that God has given them over these precious lives. Kindly continue to pray for them.

Let me wind up here and I am just a few days away from travelling again to the South for some preaching assignments. While doing that I will be able to present the need of India to many believers with a hope that they too will join in helping the indigenous movement spread in India. Meanwhile please continue to pray for us as we do for you.  Please convey our special love to your church and family. What a beautiful blessing it is for us to be on each other’s side and the Lord to be on our side as we are on His side Once again thank you for your partnership and support. The rewards of your faithfulness are in heaven. The effects of your faithfulness will be in many places and lives in India.

With deep gratitude,

Dr. & Mrs. Prosperly B. Lyngdoh

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Ministers Group Mumbai Fellowship