England and Wales

Stella visited England and Wales as she concluded her research into the life of Robert Jermain Thomas for her book “Chosen for Chosun”. With the help of Sheila Bowden the fact-finding trip to Oundle and Fotheringhay in Northamptonshire provided valuable information concerning Caroline Godfrey, who became Robert’s wife. Details of the marriage were gleaned from the archives of Kentishtown Congregational Church in London, where Stella was able to photograph the entry of the marriage in the Church Registry.  London Missionary Society Archives, at the University of London, as well as visits to Princeton and Yale Universities, elucidated considerable information about the Thomas mission to China and Korea.  Stella’s book was published by Emmaus Road Ministries in August, just in time for Steve and Huw Priday’s mission to Korea and China . Cazzy Smith, a family friend, did a great job on the lay-out of the manuscript.

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